Want to get your licence?


¨ Family members can’t find the time to help you get your hours up?

¨ Keep arguing with your parents when they’re supervising you?

¨ Can’t afford to pay for lessons?

¨ Haven’t got a suitable car to learn in?



Phone 6297 1616 on Monday or Tuesday and speak to Rae.

What will I get?


You will get:
1. A trained mentor who will supervise your progress toward achieving the goal of getting your P’s.
2. You will receive two free driving lessons. One in Huonville before you start with your mentor, and one in Hobart before you go for your P’s.  (You may also consider paying for a  lesson before you go for your L2’s.)
3. You and your mentor will have access to The Jumpstart Holden Barina or the Mazda 626.  These cars are  owned and maintained by the Geeveston Community Centre Inc. (GeCo) and DMT (Driver Mentor Training Tasmania)
4. You will be matched with a mentor by the Jumpstart Co-ordinator, who will try to take into consideration personalities and your identified preferences.
5. Lessons are tailored to suit YOU.
6. Both geared and automatic cars are available.







What’s involved for the learner driver?

Learner drivers will be required to log at least 30 hours of driving over a minimum period of 3 months before they are able to progress to their L2’s.

L2 learner drivers must log a minimum of 50 hours driving over a nine month period before they are able to go for their P’s

Learner  Driver’s will need to:

1. Meet with the Jumpstart Co-ordinator

2. Be involved in planning the supervision sessions with the Mentor

3. Complete the Learner Driver’s log book after each mentoring session

4. Have an understanding of, and adherence to, the Jumpstart program code of conduct

5. Engage in safe driving attitudes and respectful behaviours


About your volunteer mentor

Your mentor gives his or her time free of charge to help you get your driver’s licence.

Your mentor has had a Police check and has completed a Safety Driving Instruction course.

Please treat your mentor with the respect he or she deserves.

Problems? Ph: 62971616

Contact the Jumpstart Co-ordinator  (Rae) if you have any issues or problems, no matter how small they might seem.

Together, we will try to resolve small problems before they become big ones.