GeCo is now open for public access five days a week.

We are open daily 10.0-3.00.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are taking extra precautions with hygiene and cleaning and we ask that you follow our requests. Thank you!

Not all activities are back to normal yet but we can definitely help you with the following:

Computer access as well as printing, scanning and copying.

Food-related information:

So many food options! We love food!

We are running Eating with Friends a bit like Meals on Wheels fortnightly on a Thursday for $6. Call us for more info.

If you are after fresh vegetables, you’ve come to the right place! Our Fresh Choice Food Co-Op is up and running and you can order a veggie box from Friday 9am to Monday 9am through the Fresh Choice Food Co-Op tab.

If you need emergency food relief please call us at 62971616.

Finally, we are offering frozen meals made by Waterbridge Food Co-op. At $4.50 a meal, what’s not to like?! See here for ordering frozen meals:

We also offer NILS loans and plenty of referrals services so please get in touch.

Give us a call if there is anything you need to ask!