Due to COVID-19 restrictions, GeCo is currently closed for public access.

That said, if you need to access a computer for Centrelink, we can help. We can also do printing and copying for you.

Food-related information:

So many food options! We love food!

We are running Eating with Friends a bit like Meals on Wheels fortnightly on a Thursday for $6. Call us for more info.

If you are after fresh vegetables, you’ve come to the right place! Our Fresh Choice Food Co-Op is up and running and you can order a veggie box from Friday 9am to Monday 9am through the Fresh Choice Food Co-Op tab.

If you need emergency food relief please call us at 62971616.

Finally, we are offering frozen meals made by Waterbridge Food Co-op. At $4.50 a meal, what’s not to like?! Contact us for more info.

We also offer NILS loans and plenty of referrals services so please get in touch.